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What is a Mobile Telematics System and How it Works!

Consumers today carry out many of their daily tasks on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and countless other devices. This includes purchase decisions both big and small; the CMO Council estimates that 87% of online sales will take place on mobile devices by 2017. The rapidly-evolving landscape of 21st century marketing bears great significance for insurers looking to revitalize and increase sales. New methods of shopping and viewing the world enable customers to completely control the content they interact with — in other words, their buying power is entirely determined by them. Insurers that engage with clients on “their territory” are definitively the best equipped to take the leading edge in the market.

Download Xemplar: What is Mobile Telematics and How Does It Work? to gain a thorough understanding of how to leverage the most cutting-edge mobile apps to transform and customize your auto insurance company’s services to each individual customer’s driving habits and unique preferences. This whitepaper outfits you with the ability to keep pace with and delight your current and future clients with our latest methods in usage-based insurance (UBI). Start “Bringing visions to life” today!

This guide provides key information on:

  • Key benefits of mobile telematics and UBI in the insurance market
  • How mobile telematics work
  • Improving driver safety utilizing telematics
  • An exploration of the advantages of mobile telematics for insurers