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Prime Technology Group, LLC Announces Xemplar Telematics Solutions

Prime Technology Group, LLC (PRIME) a global technology services company, is pleased to announce that it has launched a new website to engage the insurance telematics industry. A new tech-savvy workforce demands greater sophistication and accessibility to and from customers. This has led to new challenges and opportunities, requiring sophisticated software development for multiple platforms. With this in mind development of a full-featured mobile application based telematics solution was born, Xemplar.

According to Sudhakar Goverdhanam, CEO of the parent company Prime Technology Group, LLC, “We are excited about the launch of our new website in the telematics solutions space. Prime’s, Xemplar, enables fast and efficient two-way communication between insurers and customers. Xemplar’s mobile application based system saves you money on hardware and infrastructure costs while also accommodating any mobile device or tablet; reaching drivers anytime, anywhere, and providing your business with critical information in real-time. Our new website mirrors the exciting and engaging direction we are taking our family of telematics offerings,” Goverdhanam, explained.

Prime Technology has developed mobile solutions, Xemplar, for fast and efficient two-way communication between insurers and customers. Our goal is to use this as an engagement model with the client because we believe that this new site will provide one more access point for companies and customers cultivating a desired and necessary relationship.

“The new site will allow our visitors to have an informative and visually enjoyable experience as we continue to strive to grow and increase our market presence,” added Aaron Moore, VP of Sales/Head of Insurance.

Created with the user experience in mind the world-class website boasts of a clean uncluttered design, easily navigable functionality and offers a content-rich site experience. The website will be used as an extension of our sales arm with news of business activity, framework releases, and tradeshow participation events. Check it out at