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Drawing on 15 years of customer relationships spanning all major industries, Prime Technology Group, LLC and our partners work to establish relationships that enable our clients to rewrite their roadmap and outpace their competitors. As a Silver Competency Partner and a member of the Sun Partner Advantage Program, and with help from our partnership with Microsoft, Prime adds a sustainable value advantage to our partners’ business aspirations. These partnerships, in turn, help our partners envision and work towards their long-term technology goals.

Prime is always seeking additional partners that possess the skills and expertise to allow our customers to take advantage of Prime’s unique capabilities. If you are interested in gaining insight into Prime’s process for business technology consulting, transformation engagement, or to determine if a partnership with Prime is the best move for your organization, we would love to hear from you.

Prime Partners Benefits Have Your Back

Having partnered with some of the world’s leading organizations in Healthcare management, Insurance, Financial services technology and manufacturing ecosystems, Prime partners brings a risk-aware, enterprise-wide BI-specific analytics strategy to everything we do. We protect our customers from the ground to the cloud – be it via desktop, smart phone or server. Backed by a network of global delivery centers and dedicated solution architects, Prime’s high-performance analytical models provide our partners with the opportunity to use data-driven business insights to spark the improvements that are vital to the success of their business. Furthermore, Prime’s process-centric solutions help you respond to new market opportunities and connect with your customers through customer-engagement channels.

To empower our partners, Prime Technology Group, LLC offers:

  • Revolutionized IT frameworks
  • Connected information that is easier to interpret
  • Solutions to hidden nuances
  • Understanding in real-time
  • Progressive responses

We Act As Your Resource

To benefit our customers, Prime provides our partners with all available resources required to empower their sales and technical teams in developing and launching our joint enhanced solutions.

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Prime Technology Group, LLC can help you build a reliable, scalable, and secure platform that significantly powers a profitable business by enhancing its ability to deliver collaborative, flexible solutions. Together, let’s utilize the power of cloud, social, mobile, and Big Data, and transform how the existing IT landscape works with customers, partners, employees and the public.