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Workflow Management Systems

Do you wish for a magic wand that can organize your workflow and ensures ironclad security?

Information security is a growing concern. As an agent and an insurer you have a part to play in securing your client’s information. This can be a challenge during the manual processing and physical storage of insurance forms. This is why our across-the-board enterprise workflow management systems are developed with your client’s security in mind.

Prime has proven experience developing workflow management systems that increase operational costs, logistical costs, and provide ironclad information security. We streamline people, data, and security with the best technology solution that meets your needs.

Our methodology

Our cloud-based workflow allows companies to easily link people, data, and daily procedures securely on day one.

Many organizations are trying to optimize and improve their internal workflows. In today’s challenging market arena, high-quality systems are in demand. At the same time, they realize that cutting costs does not always help insurers achieve their desired objectives. As a result, leading companies are turning to Prime for effective Workflow Management solutions.

A workflow management system that is efficient and cost-effective

We provide best-in-class workflow management system software for the insurance industry, modeled on flexible electronic forms (E-forms) and reports. Our systems work for you, regardless of how complex your daily operations might be.

Our workflow software system provides a competitive advantage to efficiently manage content from diverse sources such as:

  • Emails
  • Electronic forms
  • Multi-media files
  • Business Process Management
  • Records
  • Faxes

Saving time and resources

Our end-to-end workflow management system software facilitates efficient cross-company performance, keeping all the work in a single highly organized environment.

Benefits that our clients have gained using our E-forms and Workflow Management solution software include:

  • Secured and efficient storage and retrieval of E-forms
  • Easy and simple forms management framework
  • Easy transfer and authorization, classification and capture
  • Integrated workflow management system to enable automation, authentication, efficient and streamlined business process
  • Increased visibility and control over the online order, online credit and accounts payable process