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Telematics – Xemplar

Use Xemplar to put safety first, collect, and engage

Prime’s telematics system, Xemplar, enables fast and efficient two-way communication between insurers and customers. Xemplar’s mobile app-based system saves you money on hardware and infrastructure costs while also accommodating any mobile device or tablet; reaching drivers anytime, anywhere, and providing your business with critical information in real-time.

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Xemplar’s functional technology features include:

  • Cloud Framework as a Service
  • FNOL Claims Filing
  • Dynamic User Interface
  • Integrate with Analytics to Generate Driver Score
  • Easy Customization for Personal & Commercial Fleets
  • Product/Policy Configuration
  • Accurate and Real Time Driving Pattern Identifications
  • Driver vs Non-driver Identification
  • Gamification & Smart Networking
  • Admin Web Dashboard to Control & Engage with Xemplar App Users
  • Geofencing & Breach Notifications