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Prime’s Telematics-Xemplar Has a Lot to Tell (and Offer) You and Your Drivers

Prime Telematics-Xemplar solutions links drivers, insurer rating engines and broker back-office systems to create a quick, convenient and low cost means of doing business. Using wireless data obtained from a simple mobile application, insurers can not only collect vital information from their customer, they can also instantly engage with them: opening lines of communication and encouraging a positive relationship between insurer and driver.

With numerous engagement features including traffic reports and driving suggestions, Prime’s telematics-Xemplar puts your customers’ safety first, all the while working to make our roads a safer place to travel.

Using a SaaS analytics dashboard, canned and custom web portal and mobile app development are available, allowing you to be protected and supported whether at home or on the go.

Specific features of Prime’s Telematics-Xemplar solutions include:


  • Speed
  • Hard Braking
  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Location (Driving and Parking)
  • Drive Times (Duration and Hour)
  • Traffic Levels During Driving
  • Driver vs. Non-Driver
  • Geo Fencing


  • Direct Marketing
  • Traffic Alerts
  • Driver Improvements
  • Weather Conditions/Alerts
  • FNOL/Claims Filing
  • Image/Video capture
  • Location
  • Audio/Video Statements
  • Traffic/Weather at time of claim
  • PathFinder
  • Teen Driving Program
  • Geo Fencing
  • Parental Portal


  • Cloud Framework as a Service
  • Dynamic User Inferface
  • Easy Customization for personal & commercial fleets
  • FNOL Claims Filing
  • Integrate with Analytics to generate driver score
  • Accurate and real time driving pattern identifications
  • Gamification & smart networking
  • Geofencing & breach notifications
  • Driver vs Non-driver identification
  • Admin web dashboard to control & engage with Xemplar app users
  • Low startup costs