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Agent/Broker Portal

Insurers rely on the brokers and agents who play a crucial part in the distribution model. Prime recognizes the critical need to provide an excellent insurance agent portal service that instantly delivers the required information. Our feature-rich portal for brokers and agents helps them to assist prospective customers and provide greater selling opportunities.

Our agent/broker portal functions as a complete prospect/client management tool. This allows insurers to handle their client’s needs and monitor policies, while meeting industry guidelines. The user-friendly portal presents tools such as streamlines, quotes, submission and renewal activity, everything required to track and manage customers.

Feature-rich portals for agents

Prime’s easy-to-use app for insurance agents and brokers helps them to control administrative costs, take advantage of cross-selling possibilities, increase productivity, and provide exceptional customer service.

Our insurance app for brokers includes:

  • User-Centric Tools and Services: We build portals which enable the insurance agents, brokers, and end consumers easy access to their portals.
  • Channelized Publishing and Administration: We publish content through a CMS or any other unique user interface to all other digital assets and websites.
  • Compliance: We comply with US insurance laws and regulations using automated work flow and templates.
  • Brand Synchronization: We can design the portal with the same visual identity as its websites/brand guidelines.