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The trusted framework for practices, hospitals, and telemedicine.

It’s no secret that better patient experiences translate into successful patient engagement. Prime’s Healthcare frameworks for Practice Management, EMR, Patient Portal, and Clinical Decision Support are designed to help healthcare organizations improve efficiency and profitability in today’s evolving IT healthcare space. Our experts have developed an exclusive framework which is able to standalone, customize, and connect with multiple systems simultaneously.

A matter of seconds can make all the difference. Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient healthcare IT landscape, while building better patient-provider relationships. We partner all of our clients with a specialized team of experts that help identify and carry out your business goals.

Increase your Productivity

Is your patient information scattered throughout an infrastructure abyss? Prime’s Cloud-based Technology centralizes stored information, allowing for faster access and scalable solutions that can be adapted to a variety of practices. Instead of a complex IT infrastructure, all our features and functions are conveniently located in the same place. This eliminates the need for users to be trained on multiple programs. As your practice, hospital or telemedicine business grows, Prime’s Cloud can grow with you. Prime’s Cloud adaptability and availability provides unprecedented results.

Powerful Predictive Analytics

Our powerful predictive analytics framework allows your practice’s data to be absorbed from diverse source systems. Condensing information makes it easier to identify, analyze, diagnose, and treat patients according to their symptoms and history. In addition, Prime’s predictive analytics uses complex mathematical formulas and applied machine learning techniques, to identify concrete evidence for successful diagnosis.

Prime’s benefits include:

  • Pre-built common features and functions reducing overall development effort and time, and supporting proven workflows in use today.
  • Existing Business Components that are easily customizable to support specific requirements and workflows for specialty providers.
  • Agile development, guaranteeing that solution delivery is efficient and cost-effective.
  • Cloud-based Technology:
    • Scalable solutions that can be marketed to a variety of practices.
    • An elimination of the need for expensive IT infrastructure.
    • Continual deployment of features and functions with minimal business disruption, application downtime and user retraining.
    • Rapid development and deployment for varying size and types of physician practices.

Practice Management

Practice makes perfect, and this management tool will get you one step closer.

It’s important for you to be able to rapidly respond to client requests. To do that, you need practice management tools/systems that are specifically designed to translate high-level business objectives into possible plans and processes. Our systems can increase client responsiveness by tracking response times and bounce rates, indicating whether emails are read. Even in challenging times, strong healthcare practice management has the potential to grow revenue, decrease risk, and provide value to your clients and shareholders.

Increase the power of your practice with features that can improve:

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Patient Administration
  • Staff Administration
  • Reports
  • Clinical Information
  • Surgery Management
  • EMR
  • Billing and Payment