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Will they shake hands with the human advisors
or leave them far behind

The robo-advisors have grown 70 times since 2013, from $2 billion to $140 billion now. According to Aite Group, there are 2,148 robo-advisors in the market today, handling a tiny slice of the $2 trillion investing market.

In another report, “Digital Disruption,” Citigroup Schwab predicts the U.S. market doing business of $400 billion using robo-advisors in next few years.
Without a doubt, the footprints of robo-advisors are increasing and more so amongst the millennials. Critics however, have pointed at their shortcomings too.

In this E-Book, you will know:

  • Why robo-led financial advisory is becoming the new status quo
  • How robo-advisors debuted in the Fintech story
  • Truths and facts you must know about the robo-advisor
  • How robo-advisors will influence the future wealth market
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